About Kara’s Pro Massage


Kara Witt has always been interested in health and wellness, and after receiving her degree in health promotions she knew there was a more personal way to reach people. So in 2007, she received her certificate in massage therapy and immediately began practicing for various massage businesses, and chiropractors with the goal of building upon her experience. After working full-time in the massage field for over 4 years, Kara decided to open her own practice Kara’s Pro Massage with her own mission in mind: to increase the mental and physical health of clients, to be a bright spot in one’s day, and to increase awareness of one’s physical sense. To a be a place where someone can escape his or her busy life to relax and rejuvenate. Kara truly enjoys what she does, and that passion she has for health makes her a better therapist.  Kara believes individual health is a gift everyone has been given and over the span of their life it becomes something that all need to pay more attention to. Stress reduction, improved circulation and immune system enhancement are just a few of the reasons massage therapy can help all individuals in their quest for better health.